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Retired semi-pro soccer play and dedicated yogi tells how Certified Rolfer James J. Donatelli, at Body In Balance Wellness Center helped him gain functional movement after two broken leg injuries. 

Natural-Holistic Solutions for Pain, Performance, Posture, Balance & Flexibility.

  • Natural-Holistic Pain Relief

  • Neck, Back, Knees, Hips, & Shoulders

  • Tennis Elbow, ​Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia

  • Optimize Your Yoga, All levels
  • Develop Core Awareness & Strength 
  • Optimize Posture, Balance & Flexibility
  • Nutrition & Wellness Education
  • Weight​ Loss is a Positive Side Effect 
  • Digestive Health, IBS, Colitis
  • Reduce Stress - Guided Meditation
  • Corporate - Employee Wellness
  • Laughter and Dance Therapy - Laugh and Dance Your Way to Good Health!​