Are You Experiencing Pain or Imbalance
That is Preventing You From Doing

What You Want to do?

Would You Like to Have More Energy

at Home, Work or Sports?  

I Have Been There and I Can Help.​​

​ Pain Relief   Performance   Results

Pain Relief • Performance • Results

Performance Timeline FACTS


  • 30 yr olds begin to loose their performance edge
  • 40 yr olds feel the old injuries adding up
  • 50+ yr olds start to think its all downhill
  • Our Hi-Performance Power Rolfing Body Tune-Up Program Can Extend Your Career. 
  • We Help You Maximize Your Performance, regardless of age
  • We Help Open Energy Blockages to Increase Power and Improve Recovery
  • We Help You Tap Into Your Deep Healing Energy so together we heal your old physical and emotional injuries. 

I Don't Just Heal Pain,

I Help Optimize Your Body's

Structural & Energy Systems

So You Can Energetically Succeed 

at Home, Work and Sports!

My Exclusive Body Rebalancing System will Help Optimize Your Posture, Health and Performance.​​

AFTER: Dr Becky Keshmiri, a diabetic and a Dr of chiropractic medicine shares how she was able to ride her bike from New York to Florida after Certified Rolfer James J. Donatelli used the Power Rolfing program to help her reduce chronic body pains and release emotional energy blockages to dramatically increase energy, improve her quality of life and athletic performance. 

BEFORE: Recreational Athlete Dr Becky Keshmiri, a Dr of chiropractic medicine and owner of Better Life Chiropractic in New York. She is at a Tony Robbins event and in pain, having trouble just walking. 

Paul Gerrard, a retired semi-pro soccer player and now a Raja Yoga Academy instructor shares his story on how Certified Rolfer James J. Donatelli, at Body In Balance Wellness Center of West Palm Beach Florida, used the Power Rolfing program to help him find pain relief and regain balanced functional movement in his legs and hips after two (2) broken leg injuries. 

I Am A Body Rebalancing Expert

  • Sports Injury Recovery & Performance
  • Improve Posture, Balance, Range of Motion
  • Reduce Anxiety, Brain Fog, Memory Troubles
  • ​Heal Sacral Sprains
  • Improve Brain Function & Coordination
  • Optimize Body Alignment for Peak Performance
  • Enhance Running Technique
  • Improve Energy, Metabolism, Recovery Rate
  • Improve Blood Flow and Nerve Energy

Results in as little as 5 Weeks, Depending on Your Age, Goals And Current Physical Challenges. 

If You Want To Feel Less Pain,

More Energy and Improved Performance, 

Let's Talk, It's Risk Free! 

 I Specialize in Chronic Pain

  • Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain

  • Hip Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis

  • Chronic Pain after Sports Injury​

  • Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • ​Chronic Pain After Knee & Hip Surgery
  • Scoliosis & Neuropathy
  • Digestive Health, IBS, Colitis​
  • ​​Weak Ankles & Pigeon-Toed Feet
  • Functional Cure for Flat Feet