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James J Donatelli for Rolfing, Pain Relief, Alternative & Holistic Health, Digestive Healing, Weight Loss in West Palm Beach, FL. 

My name is James Donatelli and I will work hard to help you get pain free and feel your best! I specialize in alternative & holistic "drug-free" methods for pain relief, sports therapy, digestive healing and improving your body's natural alignment for better posture and improved athletic performance. 

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A Rolfing 10-Series Can Help
Save Your Child's Hips and Knees !

These are before and after videos of an 18 year old male who is an avid golfer and weight lifter. He was already on a very healthy diet and he worked out regularly, yet that was not enough because his body was not organized. This made his golf swing inconsistent and put painful strains on his joints including his lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. 

The Rolfing 10-Series dramatically improved the balance in the body. The feet are now more balanced and grounded. The flat feet are now more functional and he no longer needs supportive insoles. Chronic hip pain is now gone.

Don't put your child at risk! If your child walks in a way that does not look balanced to you, please come in for a free consultation and learn more about how Rolfing can help reduce the risk of injury to your child's back, hips, knees and feet. 

Professional Dancer and New York City Rockette, Talese Hunt gives a video testimonial for James Donatelli and Body in Balance Wellness Center and how she was able to get back in the Christmas Carol show at the Kravis Center after James helped her recover quickly and heal from a serious injury.


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The "Dance Doctor"​

  • Improve Posture & Turns
  • Improve Balance and Flexibility
  • Reduce Foot & Hip Pain

James Donatell, LMT, Owner

For Women Only

  • Improve Tummy Tone​
  • Reduce Lipo Suction Scars 
  • Regain Balance After Childbirth

Digestive Healing​

  • ​​Natural Healing, IBS, GERD, Colitis
  • Chronic Heartburn, Bloating
  • ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test
  • Micro-Nutrient Testing

​​Sports Therapy

  • ​Dynamic Stretching
  • Range of Motion Optimization
  • Sports Injury Recovery
  • Surgery Recovery

Weight Loss

  • Lose Weight Naturally & Safely
  • Health/Nutrition Coaching 
  • Cavi-Lipo Body Sculpting

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​Body In Balance Wellness Center 

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Competitive Dancer Mary Jane Harris of West Palm Beach, FL was able to start competing again after many years of being in chronic pain.  ​"After 5 long years of being limited in movement and in pain I now feel great! I am a dance instructor and competitor that has been sitting on t​he sidelines for years.

​I had a series of Rolfing sessions with James Donatelli at Body in Balance Wellness Center and I am now able to dance without pain or limitation. I am so excited to be dancing and competing again! Thanks James, you are the best!"  ​ --Mary Jane Harris, FL 2013

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Health Tips

Learn why running can be harmful to your knees and hips and how Rolfing can fix problems before they begin.

Are you experiencing GERD or IBS? Learn how you can start feeling better today!.

​Learn how you can improve core muscle function,bladder and sexual function, after C-sections, lipo-suction and other abdominal surgeries have left their scars. 

Pain Relief​

  • Chronic Back Pain, Neck Pain
  • Sciatica, Hip & Knee Pain 
  • Headaches & Stress
  • Improve Posture