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Rolfing® for Pain Relief and Performance

Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Foot Pain, Bad Posture, Scoliosis, Old Injuries... Rolfing Can Help. 

Rolfing/Structural Integration is one of the most effective therapies for treating chronic pain, improving posture and performance! When combined with daily postural alignment exercises, it is an unbeatable combination for drug free pain relief that optimizes the way your body moves and feels. 

Rolfing can help straighten your spine, align hips, knees and feet. Rolfing can help optimize your athletic performance by clearing energy blockages and helping remove imbalances and compensations left over from old injuries. Scoliosis or an unbalanced gait pattern can even be corrected and improved. 

A Rolfer uses manual bodywork techniques and other therapeutic tools to create positive changes in the fascial system and the nervous system, which results in better alignment of the bones and supporting muscles. Rolfing helps your body get back into proper alignment, optimizes body function and gives lasting results. Rolfing can be painful but it does not have to be.  A Rolfer that causes too much pain is simply a bad Rolfer not paying attention to the needs of the client. The work I do is frequently pain free. 

Rolfing is most commonly done in a series of 10 or more sessions which over time will transform the way your body moves, feels and relates to the world. A Rolfing 10-Series is is typically 60-90 min per session, 1-2 sessions per week over the course of 5-10 weeks. 

Many clients who have gone through a Rolfing 10-Series report that it is life changing. The results have been so positive, that the benefits of Rolfing have been featured on Oprah, Dr Oz and Good Morning America. After the first 10 Series, many clients feel so strongly about the benefits that they come back on an annual basis to keep their bodies in tune. Professional and Olympic athletes can take advantage of Rolfing on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to optimize athletic performance.