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BREAKTHROUGH FOR A RETIRED PROFESSIONAL DANCER WITH CHRONIC NECK PAIN: "I had a neck injury and a left to right side of body imbalance that I have been dealing with for years. I worked with many wonderful therapists using different healing modalities over the last few years to manage the pain and discomfort.  Over the years, the pain has subsided; however, working with James is first time in years I can truly say my body is completely pain free. My body now feels aligned and balanced. His knowledge in therapeutic body work is excellent, as is his holistic approach to treating the whole being. James gets 10 stars from me!  I highly recommend him... he is an exceptionally gifted therapist." -Lori V., 2013 


Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Instructor James Donatelli changed the way Anne's feet worked in only 3 sessions. The results were dramatic and her high fixed arches released and were now functioning. This gave Anne better balance and allowed her to attend her dance competitions and dance all weekend, without the pain she experienced for many years. Her balance is better, her turns are spot on and she is placing and winning in her dance competitions.

"​Thank you James, I can wear HEELS and dance all night again!!!"

"I went to James to help my aching feet from dancing long hours at a dance competition. James worked on my feet and within a few sessions my feet no longer hurt, I felt more grounded, and I danced like never before!"   -Anne C.

BREAKTHROUGH FOR A PROFESSIONAL DANCER WITH CHRONIC HIP AND BACK PAIN: "After 5 long years of being limited in movement and in pain, I now feel great. I am a dance instructor and competitor who has been sitting on the sidelines for years. I had a series of Rolfing sessions with James Donatelli at the Body in Balance Wellness Center in West Palm Beach and I am now able to dance without pain or limitation. I am so excited to be dancing and competing again! Thanks James, you are the best!"  -Mary Jane Harris, 2013 


BREAKTHROUGHS - BACK PAIN FROM PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL CAUSES: "James is the most all-encompassing health professional with whom I have ever worked.  He truly takes a “whole person” approach to providing guidance for personal transformation.  I was drawn to his pain relief and health coaching services but never expected the range of things he would cover. 

It was apparent after my very first session with him that this was going to be a personal journey like no other, an impression which carried forward each and every subsequent session. I initially went seeking his help with back pain, foot pain and a shut down metabolism which was creating unprecedented weight issues for me.  Through Rolfing bodywork, structural exercises and guidance on various fitness techniques, I am now fully pain-free and able to engage in physical fitness activities which had been a struggle in the recent past.  Through his practical and supportive guidance on nutrition and overall health, I am starting to recognize my body again, inside and out!!!! 

During the process, there were countless discussions which would lead to some lurking emotion, disappointment or fear which was inhibiting me, and he always had an unbelievably practical and supportive way of addressing each head-on, which initiated personal breakthroughs time after time.  He is truly one of the most inspirational and caring people I have ever met and I am grateful for the pain which led me to seek his services!"  - Susan E., 2013

Typical Results From a

Rolfing 10 Series.


These are just a few of the success stories and testimonials for Certified Rolfer James J. Donatelli at Body In Balance Wellness Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many of our patients have finally found relief after countless visits to other health care professionals prescribing drugs as their main tool for healing. Come in and experience what Alternative & Holistic whole-body healing is all about. You will immediately notice a difference.  ​Remember, it's not too late for you to get healthy and write your own success story. 

BREAKTHROUGH FOR A SOCIAL DANCER WITH FOOT PAIN: "I was referred to James by a friend who is a tennis player and he told me what a difference James made in his life to be free of his chronic shoulder pain. I was suffering with a sprained toe and was open to trying anything to get back to my yoga and dance classes.  

My experience was nothing less than remarkable. From my first visit I felt better. I learned how my toe was a signal that my whole body needed my attention and care in order to function better and heal my injury. Knowledge is power and paying attention to what your body needs has big rewards on many levels.

I am so grateful that I found the personal care that I needed... and since then I have continued going to James with monthly visits for health coaching which is working out great!  The best part is that I am doing this for me... and everyone in my life notices the smile on my face"  :)  -Marsha F., 2016 ​ 

These are before and after videos which show a healthy, athletic 18 year-old male who is an avid golfer and weightlifter. He is on a very healthy diet and he works out regularly, yet he was at high-risk of shoulder, back, hip and knee injury due to his body being out of alignment. This misalignment made his golf swing inconsistent and put painful strains on his joints including his shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. 

He underwent ten therapeutic bodywork sessions (a Rolfing 10-Series), which dramatically improved his posture and the function of his body. His feet are more now functional and grounded, he no longer needs supportive insoles, and his chronic hip and knee pain are now gone.

​​​​BREAKTHROUGHS AND SUCCESS AFTER MANY YEARS OF CHRONIC BACK PAIN, SCIATICA AND DIGESTIVE CHALLENGES:  "For eight long years, chronic pain has prevented me from enjoying every part of my life. I tried everything that traditional medicine had to offer. I saw multiple doctors and chiropractors. I had MRI's and X-rays to pinpoint the pain but nothing showed up; physiotherapy and a variety of drugs but nothing stopped the constant pain. 

The pain was so bad that I had to stop exercising and my life became a daily struggle. I could not drive; my husband had to drive me while I laid down in the back seat of our SUV because I could not tolerate sitting for any length of time. I was literally in tears and at my wits end!  That is until a close doctor friend of mine recommended that I contact a holistic healer named James Donatelli at the Body In Balance Wellness Center, in West Palm Beach. 

James conducted an in-depth health interview so he could understand my frustration and my medical treatment history. I then came in 3x per week for a series of Rolfing sessions with James. I couldn't believe it. After several weeks of sessions, my pain level dropped from a 8-10 down to a 5, then a 2, and then to a zero! 

After 8 years of being in constant pain, I had forgotten what it was like to be without pain! I am now happy to say that I am driving again and dancing too!  I am also taking trips on airplanes and I no longer fear going to back to work. Contrary to what I had heard, Rolfing is actually not very painful. With James as my Rolfer, he worked on my body at a level that was comfortable for me. He was also very aware of the areas on my body that were already in a high level of pain so in these areas he used a more gentle Rolfing technique.

James uses a whole-body approach to healing so nutrition coaching was an integral part of each 90 minute Rolfing session. The coaching was life changing! It helped me so much with my colitis and another digestive disorders that I had for most of my life. I originally went to see James for my chronic sciatica, knee, and hip pain but he was able to help me heal my digestive disorders too! 

My husband and I both agree that my life has totally turned around after my sessions with James. I am no longer taking pain medications and I am in remission from colitis. My success is due to my Rolfing and coaching sessions with James, on how to eat the right foods for my body, and how to take better care of myself. 

James is knowledgable, professional, non-judgemental and he is very passionate about helping people heal their chronic pains. Without a doubt, he is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Thanks to him, I have my life back. If your body is out of whack and your current healthcare provider has not been able to help you, go see James. He may be able to help you reconnect with true health, wellness and positive energy! It worked for me. -Annabel Wright - 2015